Change of Major

Students with good academic credentials and adequate degree background may request a change of major to the MS Software Engineering program if they meet the admission requirements for the program.  See information about admission requirements posted here

Change of major approval is also is subject to adequate space being available in the program.

Note1: Change of Major requests from outside of the Computer Engineering department are being denied due to limited space. In addition, Change of Major requests from within the MS Computer Engineering program from students that do not have Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Software Engineering degrees are also being denied due to lack of space. 

Note2: Admission into another degree program does not imply that you will be granted a change of major request into MS Software Engineering program. You must meet the MSSE admission requirements for you the semester in which you were admitted.

Students that are on probation may not request a change of major to the MS Software Engineering program.

Students that are part of a special session program may not reqest a change of major to the MS Software Engineering program. Instead, you must submit a new admission application.

You can initiate the change of major process by completing the Graduate Admissions (GAPE) Change of Major form. The form does not need to be signed by a graduate advisor. The form must be submitted directly to GAPE.

If you are a MS Computer Engineering applicant that has been admitted for the upcoming semester and you decide you would like to be in the MS Software Engineering program, submit the Request for Change of Major form during the first semester.

All Change of Major forms will be processed after the grades for the current semester are posted.